MACE nfp has dissolved!

Winter Wonderland Workshop returning soon under new management.

MACE nfp, as of January 2021, has dissolved as a company. Once the pandemic has passed, the Winter Wonderland Workshop will live on, but there will be no progress on that until it can be safely organized for all people involved. You can stay tuned here or watch SAFD.org (also on twitter, instagram, and facebook @safdorg) for more information.

Thank you all for your patronage and for bringing stage combat to the world! See you at the next fight workshop!

About MACE

Movement and Combat Education

MACE nfp is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide education and training that specializes around physical movement in the performing arts. By focusing on meeting the current needs and trends of the industry while maintaining and emphasizing time proven techniques and methodologies, we will help foster performers who are more knowledgeable and better prepared to safely handle the physical demands placed on the human body.

Why Study Movement Arts?

The body changes over time. As we get older, our bodies change. Muscles get weaker, joints tolerate less, and tendons lose elasticity. Simply put, the body gets weaker over time. While going to a gym helps slow down the inevitable, performers of all types need more than that. The need for continuing one's training over time is paramount to a performer's success. Performers of all types need to keep their current skills sharp and need to develop new skills in order to be at their best. Our job is to give performers those opportunities to receive nothing less than the best training possible.

Are You a Teacher of Movement Arts?

We are looking for instructors to teach on-going classes and workshops in all movement disciplines. Send us an email with your current CV, along with ideas for classes and workshops that you would be willing to offer. Not from the area? No problem. You don't have to be local in order to teach for us. We have instructors come from across the country to offer workshops, so don't hesitate to send in your materials.