Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor Course

Schedule and Location

Pheasant Run Resort
Saint Charles, IL.


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Jan 7, 2015

The cost for this one-day course is $350 per candidate.

  • SAFD Fight Master (and TFS Master Instructor) Scot Mann
  • SAFD Certified Teacher (and TFS Instructor) Jay Burckhardt

This workshop is for those individuals who wish to become SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructors. Certain restrictions apply, in accordance with the SAFD Policies and Procedures. Please read below, or go to to determine if you qualify:

SAFD Firearms Safety Instructors MAY NOT be:

  • Convicted of or under indictment for a felony, a fugitive, adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to any mental institution, addicted to or an unlawful user of marijuana or a stimulant, depressant, or narcotic drug or an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States.
To apply to be a Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be a SAFD member in good standing and hold the rank of CT, FD or FM.
  • A member of the SAFD who is not a CT, FD or FM may petition for the right to apply to become a Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor and should contact the Theatrical Firearms Safety Task Force for guidelines to do so.
  • Document significant skills in the safe use of theatrical firearms. This will be represented by a firearms specific professional resume, critical reviews of work with firearms for film and stage, etc. Applicants resume will be reviewed by the Theatrical Firearms Safety Task Force.
  • In addition to experience staging gunplay for theatre and film, the applicant must also document training with practical firearms by a nationally recognized institution. This experience can include military gun experience, police weapons training, National Rifle Association basic pistol certification, etc.
  • Within three years of application, has participated, as a student or Teaching Assistant, in a complete Theatrical Firearms Safety Course, including taking the SAFD written test and paying the $35 test fee.
  • Complete the one-day (7 hour) Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor course. This course can be completed at the conclusion of the Theatrical Firearms Safety Course or at a later date.
The Theatrical Firearms Safety Course can only be taught by an SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety Master Instructor.

The course shall consist of two parts:

  1. Part one will cover discussion on course pedagogy, classroom organization and terminology. It will also cover the required curriculum for the class, the written test in detail, the SAFD firearms specific glossary of terms and outline the minimum equipment required to teach the course.
  2. Part two will consist of the candidate demonstrating knowledge of theatrical firearms by teaching a portion of the course, selected by the TFS Master Instructor, to other candidates or volunteer students provided by the candidate.

Upon conclusion of this course, the TFS Master Instructor will award the candidate with a pass or no pass and will provide the candidate and the TFS Task Force with a written assessment of the candidate’s teaching ability with Theatrical Firearms. In the event a no pass is awarded, the TFS master Instructor will outline the specific areas that are needed to retest.

Applicants that meet the above requirements should send their materials electronically to the Theatrical Firearms Safety Task Force (

The TFS Task Force shall consist of (1) SAFD Fight Master, (1) SAFD Fight Director and (1) SAFD Certified Teacher. Members are appointed by the SAFD President and must be Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructors.

A response should be expected within 45 days.

As part of the application review, candidates will be submitted for and must pass a background check. The TFS Task Force will review materials and provide results to the SAFD Governing Body and the applicant. Results are a pass or no pass. If a no pass is awarded, the applicant will receive a written evaluation from the task force outlining areas that need to be improved.

Upon approval, the application fee to become a Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor is $50 and can be paid to the SAFD when the applicant receives approval from the TFS task Force. Theatrical Firearms Safety Instructor status is good for three years.

Any student that registers for an intensive as well as registering for the full (ALL FOUR DAYS) of WWW will receive a $100 discount on WWW.

Student registration is currently scheduled to open on November 15. In the event that the registration date changes, we will make an announcement our our Facebook page and our website.

If you have questions contact Coordinator, John Tovar.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, use the online registration form and you can choose to pay with a credit card. Please note: There is a processing fee.

Can I pay by Certified Check, Personal Check, or Money Order?

Yes. However, your payment must be received in full by December 16th. MACE Training is not responsible for how fast or slow the U.S. Postal Service delivers your payment and will not take that into account if your payment is not received on time, so factor in delivery time when making payments by mail.

Is my tuition refundable if I cannot attend?

Before December 24th, tuition is refundable minus the $150 deposit. After December 24th, no refunds will be allowed under any circumstances.

What time do we finish everyday?

Classes finish around 10:00 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, the workshop ends around 6:00 pm.

Which is better, O'Hare or Midway?

O'Hare International Airport is located 27.64 miles from Pheasant Run Resort with an approximate travel time of 45 minutes. Midway International Airport is located 41.81 miles from Pheasant Run Resort with an approximate travel time of 57 minutes. Which one is better will depend on which one is cheaper for you to fly into. Airport Express is a shuttle service that will pick you up at either airport and drive you to the resort. It will also pick you up and take you back to your particular airport and the end of your stay. Go to and get a quote. I know they do round-trip and group discounts!

Where can I leave my personal stuff so it doesn't get stolen?

Since the hotel rooms and classrooms are located in the same area, personal items can be kept with you at all times or left in your hotel room. MACE Training is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Is lodging included?

No, lodging is not included. There is a discounted rate from Pheasant Run Resort using this link.

Where can I stay?

Pheasant Run Resort is located at 4051 E. Main Street, St. Charles, IL 60174. Go to for more information about their facilities.

What food will be available during the workshop?

At this time, food will not be offered. There are numerous locations, both on-site and off, in which you can purchase food. There will be information in your packet that shows you where food can be purchased. If desired, you can upgrade your hotel room to one with a refrigerator and microwave. That would allow you to go to one of the local grocery stores and purchase food you can make. Water fountains are located throughout the resort, so you can fill water bottles.

Do I need to provide weapons?

All weapons are provided by the workshop.

What if I get hurt?

The workshop is not liable for injuries that a student may acquire during the workshop. There is a mandatory waiver that each student must sign to that effect in order to attend the workshop. However, there will be someone on staff who can handle minor injuries (bumps, bruises, scrapes, etc.) if the situation arises. Several people on staff at the workshop are certified in First Aid and CPR.