Skills Proficiency Renewals - Autumn 2016

Schedule and Location

Saturday, September 24, 9 AM - Sunday, September 25 5PM

Porchlight Music Theatre
4200 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60639


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Renew in up to 4 weapons in a weekend. Cost is only $50 per weapon!

Instructors: TBA

Date and times: 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm on Saturday, September 24, and Sunday, September 25 (one weapon for each block of time, totaling four weapons)

  • Sat 9-1: R&D
  • Sat 2-6: Unarmed
  • Sun 9-1: Small Sword
  • Sun 2-6: Quarterstaff

Limited spaces available! Sign up NOW!

This SPR session will only offer 4 weapons, not all 8. Any participant will be able to renew in all 4 weapons offered.

(Don't know what an "SPR" is? Then, you are probably not qualified to take this workshop. An SPR is available to those individuals who have taken and passed the SAFD Skills Proficiency Test. Test results are only good for three years, which means one needs to renew those skills. This is the opportunity to do just that!)