Martial Arts Intensive

Schedule and Location

Monday, January 7, 2019 - Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Crowne Plaza Chicago Ohare Hotel & Conference Center
5440 N River Rd, Rosemont, Illinois 60018


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Add to your Unarmed and Knife abilities and up your martial proficiency with a three day martial art-based intensive taught by SAFD CT Patrick Kelly!

This intensive will cover unarmed and knife-based martial concepts and techniques that focus primarily on attribute development such as reaction time, speed, power, balance, mobility, efficiency, technique and control. Knife on knife, empty hand vs knife, disarms, flexible weapons, grappling, joint locks, throws and chokes will be covered. Concepts taken from Silat, Kali, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing will be trained and adapted to stage/film fighting.

Mr. Kelly began teaching classes at the Indiana University Martial Arts Program in 1992 where he also serves as Coordinator of the largest academic martial arts program in the US. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars both nationally and Internationally and presented on Martial Arts in Physical Education to the Indiana Department of Education establishing a teaching pedagogy for attribute development, skill acquisition and self-defense application.

Mr. Kelly has studied concepts and techniques from several martial arts including, Jun-fan Kickboxing, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Muay Thai, Savate, Kali/Escrima, Penjak Silat, Hapkido, Shoot-fighting, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, T’ai Chi, Fencing, Longsword Fencing (Liechtenauer), and Archery in addition to tactical firearms training.

He is an Advanced Actor/Combatant and Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has designed and performed violence for several independent films and projects including music video and mo-cap.

He is currently on the Stunt/Fight Team for the History Channel's Vikings in production in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

In what spare time he has, Mr. Kelly enjoys cycling, hiking with his pack of dogs, kayaking, reading, and sleeping... when the coffee wears off.

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Price $350.00

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  • -$50 deposit to hold registration available until 12/15/18
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    • 12/27/18
  • -3 installment payment plan:
    1. 11/3/18
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  • Deposit is non-refundable
  • Before – 11/12/18 – 75% of full tuition
  • 11/11/18 – 11/26/18 – 50% of full tuition
  • 11/25/18 – 12/24/18 – 25% of full tuition
  • After 12/24/18 – Zero Refund

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