Sword and Shield SPT / SPR 2019

Schedule and Location

February 23rd - May 18th from 11:00 AM - 2:00PM

Unity Lutheran Church
1212 W. Balmoral
Chicago, IL 60640


MACE uses the ACTIVE registration system. When you click to register, you will be redirected to that site.

SAFD Skills Proficiency Test class in Sword and Shield taught by Certified Teacher Don Preston

The SPT will be Saturdays, Feb 23rd thru May 18th at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. The class will not meet on Saturday, April 20th. There are 12 class sessions and you can miss up to two.

To take the full SPT, you must register for both the Class and SPT Testing Fee.

Cost: $350 + $50 SAFD testing fee.

To take a Renewal, please register for the Renewal Session and the $50 testing fee only. You will be expected to attend three classes 5/4, 5/11 & 5/18 to test. You may not miss one of these classes.

A payment plan is available for the full SPT. The initial deposit for the payment plan is $50. A $175 payment is due by February 22nd and another $175 payment is due at class on March 29th.

Questions about the class, please contact the instructor Don Preston at theyfight@yahoo.com.

For questions about payment and registration, please contact Cody Westgaard at cwestgaard@macenfp.org.

No Refunds for the SPT will be available after February 15th. No Refunds for the SPR will be available after April 26th.

Space is limited!